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Section-63A and the Saurashtra Gharkhed Ordinance – Kalam-Papp and M.G. And Section-89 B of the cultivation land (Kutch Vidarbha Apartment) 27/12/2018 View (64 KB)
Permission under Tenancy Act -65 27/12/2018 View (62 KB)
Transfer of land for the purpose of farming / non-agricultural under Section 43 27/12/2018 View (45 KB)
Land approval for industrial purpose according to Section-65(KH) of Land Rev. Act. 27/12/2018 View (147 KB)
Commercial+Residential purpose from residential land 27/12/2018 View (270 KB)
Provision for permission from Agriculture to Non-Agriculture use of land (section 65 of Land Rev. Act) 27/12/2018 View (45 KB)
Cancellation of Ration Card (Form No. 8) 08/08/2018 View (822 KB)
Ration Card Correction(Form No. 6-A) 08/08/2018 View (452 KB)
Ration card division (Form-5) 08/08/2018 View (822 KB)
Member deletion from Ration Card (Form-4) 08/08/2018 View (431 KB)