Title Date Download/Link
Arms licence 08/08/2018 Download(2 MB)
New Bar coded Ration Card (Form-2) 08/08/2018 Download(815 KB)
Duplicate Ration card (Form-9) 08/08/2018 Download(340 KB)
New Member Addition in Ration Card (Form-3) 08/08/2018 Download(346 KB)
Member deletion from Ration Card (Form-4) 08/08/2018 Download(431 KB)
Ration card division (Form-5) 08/08/2018 Download(822 KB)
Ration Card Correction(Form No. 6-A) 08/08/2018 Download(452 KB)
Cancellation of Ration Card (Form No. 8) 08/08/2018 Download(822 KB)
Provision for permission from Agriculture to Non-Agriculture use of land (section 65 of Land Rev. Act) 27/12/2018 Download(45 KB)
Commercial+Residential purpose from residential land 27/12/2018 Download(270 KB)