Bhalka Tirtha


Bhalka Tirtha (Bhalka Pilgrimage) located in the Prabhas Patan near Veraval in Saurashtra on the western coast of Gujarat, India, is the place where Krishna was hit by an arrow shot by a hunter named Jara, after which he is said to have left the earth for the heavenly abode, an act referred to in the Puranas as Shri Krishn Neejdham Prasthan Leela

How to Reach :

By Air  

There are no regular flights from other major cities of the country to Bhalka Tirth. Nearest airport is Diu Airport.
Bhalka Tirth
63 km away
Diu Airport (DIU), Diu, Daman And Diu
Bhalka Tirth
114 km away
Porbandar Airport (PBD), Porbandar, Gujarat

By Train

Bhalka Tirth is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular trains.
Railway Station(s): Somnath (SMNH)

By Road  

You can easily get regular buses to Bhalka Tirth from other major cities of the country.
Bus Station(s): Veraval